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Essay example - Clean Fuels and Dirty Fuels

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Any numbers of energy sources are capable of powering motor vehicles including alcohols, electricity, natural gas, and propane though the most commonly ones used are gasoline and diesel. Some vehicle fuels, because of physical or chemical properties, create less pollution than gasoline does…

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(US Sec 963)
Emission Benefits: Clean fuels have numerous properties which make them cleaner than other dirty fuels like gasoline or adulterated diesel mixtures. Usually these fuels release fewer hydrocarbons, and the hydrocarbons emitted are less toxic and less reactive. Emissions from electricity, natural gas, or alcohol-powered vehicles can be roughly about 90% lesser than in toxics and ozone-forming hydrocarbons than emissions from vehicles using dirty fuel. (Chemical Engineering Tools and Information)
Mileage Benefits: Apart from the emission benefits, the best thing that appeals the minds of the users is that the mileage difference is notable, which results in a lot of cost saving. Here, it is to be noted that there is a win-win situation. The better mileage advantage helps the companies increase their sale. Moreover, the customers get more than just cost effectiveness. European and Japanese automakers are about to invade the market with new clean-diesel models that catch much better mileage than the standard gasoline-burning model. Among the many contenders, Mercedes shall offer its SUVs -- M-Class, R-Class and GL-Class --with diesel engines. BMW aims to bring its popular turbo diesel engines to US models. ...
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