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Ants: genetical testing

If genetic testing is not an available option then mere observation of behavior will do. Upon extraction of the specimen from the location, its habitat must be simulated in the laboratory. Variables such as heat, humidity, temperature, food source, type of soil or foliage must all be taken in consideration. This is to simulate habitat and their ecosystem. This will make them move and react as if they were in their native soil. Then observations must be done. If both groups of ants have the same external appearance, behave in the same manner and have the same patterns in collecting food, storage and even classes of worker ants then it may be safe to say that they belong to the same specie. If not, then they do not belong to the same specie.
We should be concerned by these facts for "all species are important because they contribute to the web of life that supports ecosystems and to the Earth ecosystem that supports us all (Galang, 2009)".
We are witnessing massive levels of extinction with only minor climatic fluctuations. This means that the current mass extinction is different from previous extinctions because it is not caused by natural climatic fluctuations but by human activity (Turvey, 2009).
Human activity that has contributed greatly to this scenario are Physical Alteration of Habitat (ex. ...
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The study is to determine whether or not the two groups of ants belong to the same species can be determined through genetic testing (University of Leads, 2007). Careful transport and proper labeling of samples coming from each of the groups of ants must be made to ensure the viability of the sample for genetic testing…
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