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Power & Privilege: Analysis and hopes - Essay Example

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Vision for self. I recognize that while I may not be invested with great amounts of power at this point in my life, I am a privileged individual. I have a roof over my head with enough to eat, my basic needs are being met, and I am improving both myself and my future prospects by pursuing higher education…

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Power & Privilege: Analysis and hopes

Personally, I don't need three cars as much as the homeless need housing. If I have the personal resources to indulge my every whim, then I have the power to help others. The key is self restraint with a vision of the greater good. Within that framework, my vision for myself is to always be aware of the condition of others, never taking the benefits I enjoy for granted, and use the power and privilege I have to help those who are disenfranchised or impoverished. Like anyone, I want to use my power and privilege to be comfortable; but I also want to use it to improve the condition of others. As an individual, I know that I cannot change the world; but I can contribute to helping ease the burden through acts of kindness and service to those less fortunate than myself.
Vision for larger community. In a similar way, I believe that the community should be a place where there is equity and parity between the members; at least on a fundamental level. While I don't advocate a radical and forced redistribution of wealth, I do think that those with power and privilege in our society need to take proactive steps in helping those who suffer the absence of basic human necessities. Again, with power and privilege comes the responsibility to do good. ...
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