The Impact of the Media Industry on Culture with Special Reference to British Newspapers

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The modern mass media has grown into a colossal global enterprise. There is an increasing tendency for the media today to develop a unipolar attitude because of the drift towards the formation of monopolies. This question has engaged the attention of many writers across the globe.


The present predicament of culture is that media is deciding what culture is. This paper traces the origin of newspaper and its evolution as the guardian of civil liberties. Though the paper sees the others like the broadcast and electronic media as the offshoots of the newspaper as all of them begin ultimately with the written word, at the moment the focus of this paper is largely on the print medium. With globalization media show an alarming tendency to be in the hands of a few who see it only as an avenue for making money and thus to vitiate from its traditional role as a remedial moral force in the society.
weekly basis, the main purpose of which is to present news. In the passage of time newspapers also started providing special information to readers, like weather reports, telecast schedules, and movement of stock prices. They offer observations on politics, economics, and art and culture, and sometimes include amusement features, like
Newspapers existed on the earth in some form or other because of man's innate tendency to know news and share it with other fellow men. People disseminated news by word of mouth, written correspondence or public notices before the development of printing technology. As more people learned to read and write, news reports became more. Ancient Rome had a particularly stylish system for spreading written news. ...
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