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Sound in Films - Essay Example

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Sound in Films

Through the challenge of the lack of sound films in the 1920s were able to present an artistic form of visual arts while successfully conveying the message.
Comparative analysis of the present and past audience can reveal that the audience during the period of silent movies have more open mind in terms of communication. It can even be perceived that understanding was achieved by the audience through a sense of empathy and emotional acceptance.
But through the said issue, it can provoke the analysis that sound is an important element. Although this is the case, the absence of sound in the silent films created made these films worth of admiration on the basis of the fact that other elements are exponentially compensated. On the other hand, in the present era sound can be considered an indispensable component of film making.
To be able to present an analysis on the key concepts of sound in films, it is important to concentrate on a particular film. ...
is can be attributed to the fact that the movie Sunrise belongs to the batch of films that pioneered the use of soundtrack of music and even sound effects that had been recorded. The role of the said film can be considered essential to the perfection and development of the synchronized sound in films (McCaffrey and Jacobs 8).
It can be observed that the silent era presented an important capacity to create an atmosphere that can make the audience understand the message. This was done through visual instruments. Through the course of the film history, the shift on the capability to relay messages to the public is through the sound. The sound became one of the most important tools in the film that were produced from the 1920s up to the present.
It terms of the production of films, it can be considered as a continuous challenge to the present batch of film makers to be able to achieve the level of classic triumph that was achieved in the early films. In Sunrise, the objective of the film was achieved through the capture of the visual sense of the viewers. In addition, it had introduced the era wherein even the sense of hearing is satisfied. Due to the said fact, the film was able to create more success in capturing the attention of the audience.
Basically, the sound in the said film was only used to be able to create an atmosphere of feeling the film. This can be attributed to the fact that the said movie can still be classified as a silent film. The only difference is the background music or musical scoring. For that matter, Sunrise can be considered as a hybrid or a transitional type of film, a form that is intermediate of the silent and modern films.

Analysis of the Key Components of Sound
Sound as we presently conceive can be considered as one of the major ...Show more


Sound can be considered as an essential component of the present day films. But it is important to consider the notion that the evolution of films initiated in the absence of sound and even music. It can be then considered interesting to be able to determine the key concepts of sound that made it an inevitable component of the particular field of visual arts.
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Sound in Films essay example
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