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In this scenario,there are two questions which arise.First,is the price of 100 listed in the newspaper advertisement binding on Wedding Heaven in the event that they sell the dress.Secondly,does the delay of John cause him in law to have accepted the contract offer


In order to give effective analysis to this question it is important to look at relevant Irish case law on this issue in order to determine whether or not such actions constitute a binding contract enforceable in law. There are a number of leading cases in both the Irish jurisdiction and other common law jurisdictions, notably England, which need to be assessed in order to consider this question.This essay shall first analyse the formative components which are necessary for the formation of a contract. Secondly, after assessing the relevant law, these principles will be applied to the current scenario above. Finally, and in conclusion, this paper shall decide whether or not a claim exists in contract law in the scenario again either Wedding Heaven, or John the DJ. We now turn to the basic contract law principles which currently exist in Ireland.First, we must look at the relevant contract law principles on order to ascertain the current state of the law in Ireland. There are a number of requirements necessary for the formation of a valid contract. This includes offer and acceptance, an intention to create legal relations; and finally consideration. It is the first two elements which this paper shall concentrate on.It is important at the outset to distinguish between and offer and a mere invitation to treat. An offer is when the seller sets out in certain terms what they propose to sell to the potential buyer. ...
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