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American History (U.S. as the Most Aggressive Nation in the World) - Essay Example

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American History (U.S. as the Most Aggressive Nation in the World)

the most aggressive nation in the world. This untrammeled hunger for power over other countries and their resources will cause more wars which will inevitably lead to the destruction of the ecology of the planet, and might lead to the destruction of the human race itself. It is the duty of every American to restrain the imposition of the will of the U.S on other countries .Citizens must make it a point to be well informed about various issues and policies of the government and the multinational companies, and must take measures to rein in unethical, ambitious ventures.
Presidents have forgotten or ignored the ideals on which the republic was built, but have taken good care to see that the common people do not come to know the reprehensible behavior of the governmental agencies. "Overthrow" by Stephen Kinzer calls into question many of the actions taken by various Presidents in the name of 'national security'. According to him, the invasion of Iraq in 2003 was the culmination of the century old policy of overthrowing governments who do not do the bidding of the U.S He describes fourteen cases where governments were overthrown by the might of U.S. From the deposition of the Queen of Hawaii in 1893 to the invasion of Iraq in 2003, the United States has overthrown or helped to overthrow regimes in different parts of the world to boost its own power and help its business interests. He describes the Iraq war as "the only conflict Americans ever fought without truly knowing why".(Kinzer 285) Kinzer quotes instances like the overthrow of the regime in Nicaragua, which was done solely to help the American companies to operate as they wished, and the overthrow of the government under Mossadegh in Iran only to help the oil companies, Each time the U.S has helped to overthrow a ruling order, it has used the rhetoric of 'national security' or 'democracy' or liberation', but acted with only one hidden purpose-to make profit. According to Kinzer, these interventions led to chaos and violence, and left the people destitute. Chalmers Johnson while sharing the sentiments with Kinzer, goes a step further in his book " The Sorrows of Empire". According to Johnson, America is building an empire now- an empire not of conquered lands, but of military bases, where racism and arrogance is inculcated in the inmates. "Life in our empire is in certain ways reminiscent of the British Raj, with its military rituals, racism, rivalries,snobbery and class structure."(Johnson 25) According to Johnson, neo-colonialism is being followed by the U.S to help its multi-national companies. Using military means to subdue regimes became a habit, which "vastly enlarged the size and scope of the role played by the military forces in the political and economic life of the nation. (Johnson 64)
Johnson says that there are four sorrows of the empire- endless war, imperial overstretch, lying and deceit and the fourth sorrow being bankruptcy. He argues that attempting to dominate the world can prove too costly for the United States. Adversaries of the U.S. may resort ...Show more


History is full of instances of great empires, built at the cost of human values and freedom. Strong nations throughout history have imposed their will on weaker nations to enlarge their territories and to gain control over resources. The Roman empire, the Chinese empires, the British empire were all built to enhance the power of one nation and increase the availability of resources for that particular nation…
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American History (U.S. as the Most Aggressive Nation in the World) essay example
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