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Essay example - Distopia

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Dystopia is a genre of fiction that is also called anti-utopia. "The word comes from dys-Utopia, referring to the classic 'Utopia' which described a perfect world. The word 'Utopia' itself means 'Nowhere' but has come to mean paradise, since that is what the work described" (Eugene Luther, 2004)…

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The fictional stories of dystopia always have a tragic end. A first time dystopian reader who expects regular ending will be surprised by the tragic events in the stories. Writers like Yevgeny Zamyatin, H. G. Wells, Eugene Luther, etc., had written many utopian and dystopian stories.
Yevgeny Zamyatin's WE was completed in 1920 and published in English in the year 1924. It's an irony or can be said as totalitarian conditions prevailed in Russia prevented Zamyatin to release his book in his own country until 1952, fifteen years after Zamyatin's death. The book describes how life would be like in a totalitarian state. It also reflects the author's view on Russia, which was governed by communists under the leadership of Stalin.
In this dystopian story the world is under a totalitarian state and was called as One State. This One State is controlled under the dictatorship of one who was called as Benefactor. In this world no one has a name, everyone is recognised by his or her identification numbers. Each individual addresses other by his or her number and always work in unison. In One state everything is made of glass including buildings, tools and machinery. There is no privacy for One state's citizens. ...
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