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Research, Evaluation & Policy Analysis

Prior to Ryan's execution the states of New South Wales and Queensland had brought the practice to an end. Walton (2003) indicates that death penalty had been part of the Australian legal system since the settlement by British in the 19th century. Crimes which had the potential of carrying capital punishment included forgery, burglary, stealing of sheep, sexual assault, manslaughter and murder as well as robbery with violence. Other crimes included piracy, treason and arson of naval dockyards.
The death sentences were conducted under Aboriginal customary law through sorcery or directly. The victims were denied mortuary rites. The initial executions were conducted when the authorities then in Australia did hanging of mutineers of the Batavia.
12 Since its abolishment, death penalty has been replaced by life imprisonment as the maximum applicable punishment. Is it sufficient for as punishment for such crimes Does it help combat the crimes that were punishable by dearth sentence
13. According to Law Reform Commission of Western Australia (2003), hangings were done at several places including the site of the committed offense. In 1888, the Imperial Convict Establishment at Fremantle used employed for all hangings in the state. ...
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Capital Punishment had been used in Australia up to 1967. Since then Humanitarian has provided the conception of a person in prison as one who needs to be reformed and punished. It is believed that the vindictive penalties have been done away with (Walton, 2003)…
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