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Drug Exposed Infants

Mothers should be prevented, through education, from using drugs while pregnant.
As a result of the illicit drug use, the children require intense monitoring by their pediatrician. Women who use cocaine while pregnant -- especially those who are likely to get noticed as addicts or be tested for drugs in the hospital -- tend also to drink more booze, smoke more cigarettes, and dip into a greater variety of illicit drugs than other women. Cocaine is not truly associated with any pattern of defects. Nor does it produce infantile withdrawal, like opiates. Today there is something approaching scientific consensus that cocaine increases the risk of low birth weight and perhaps premature delivery. Left unmonitored and untreated, the babies, as shown by studies have long term developmental delays.
This article explains to any reader that there are serious ramifications with illicit drug ingestion during pregnancy. Moreover, it explains that the child is severely damaged and begins life at a tremendous disadvantage. It explains the mental, social, educational, physical and legal implications of this behavior on the child. It is important for doctors and their employees to learn about in utero drug use from a suspected mother because the babies need treatment. The key is to question them in a manner that is non threatening and non judgmental. ...
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This article discusses the fact that there is an increase in illicit drug use by mothers of child bearing age. The mothers are abusing drugs while the child is in utero. This article acknowledges the use of alcohol as well but discusses drug use only. A separate article exists discussing alcohol use…
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