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Research method plays a vital role the entire procedure of the dissertation project. In this project, the research method of project will be chalked out; highlighting research approaches strategy and also determines the important literature review.
The research approach that develops the methodology explained below is based on descriptive (qualitative) research theory and inductive reasoning.


The research approach will review the types of research design and data collection methods. The research approach is built on logical relations and not just beliefs.
Descriptive research is used when the research question is understood (Ghauri and Grnhaug 2002). In the research approach, the data measurements are dependent on the obtainment of required information and the quality of the information. The outcome of the research, therefore, is dependent on the measurement procedures used in the collection of the data, and this in turn is dependent on the types of data collection (Ghauri and Grnhaug p 47 2002).
This is an important concept of qualitative research, where the description is either inductive or deductive. Inductive research begins with a question and seeks to describe it, and deductive research begins with the problem by working backwards to the answers. Therefore, this research uses the inductive approach to build the theory from the data gathered to explore possible conclusions towards E-banking - Modifications in SCM (Supply Chain Management of the Bank) and Security issues such as Phising & Pharming.
The selected research methodology is a descriptive intervi ...
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