Computer Forensic case study

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The history of computer forensic starts with the first time a system administration had to figure out how and what a hacker had done to gain unauthorized access to explore the system. In the beginning, the classic hacker breaking into computer system was more interested in how things work than actually being malicious…


While deciding which internal or external parties should handle each aspect of forensics, organization should consider factors such as personnel and equipment costs for collecting data, the time needed internal or external teams to respond to incidents, and data sensitivity and privacy issues. (United States Department of Justice, 2001) IT professionals throughout the organization, especially incident handlers and the first responder to incidents, should understand their roles and responsibilities for forensics. They should be given training and education on forensic, related to the company’s procedures, and they should be prepared to corporate with and assist others when the problems occur for which they were been trained (Nelson, Amelia, & Steuart, 2004). Incident handlers performing forensic tasks should have a broad knowledge of forensic principles, guidelines, procedures, tools, and techniques, as well as anti-forensic tools and techniques that could conceal or destroy data. Interaction between incident handlers and IT professionals can be effective in promoting the understanding of forensics tools and in identification potential Shortcomings in forensics capabilities. ...
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