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Essay example - International Financial Accounting Bosch 2006 annual report

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Operating in more that 250 locations located outside Germany, the Bosch Group is made up of 280 subsidiary companies and it is the leading supplier of automotive and industrial technology and of consumer goods and building technology. Its main objective is to attain sustainable growth in earnings and to safeguard its independence, which allows it to pursue its long-term strategies…

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Its spare parts are available for all vehicles. Under automative technology, Bosch engineers develop and test product innovations for motor vehicle manufacturers in research centers around the world. Bosch products go into serial production for new vehicles produced by many different manufacturers around the world once they have undergone extensive testing and meet its strict quality requirements. Bosch has contributed significantly towards making driving safer, cleaner and more economical being one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of spare parts. (
Bosch is also a major producer and mahufacturer of home power tools, household appliances, garden tools and heating appliances. At the industry and trade Bosch provides communications services, power tools for professionals, sensors and foundry, security systems and packaging technology.
The aim of this paper is analyse Bosch's 2005 annual report so as to assess the influence of institutional, cultural and external factors on the financial accounting and reporting system of Bosch. The rest of the paper is organised as follows:
Section 2 provides an analysis of the the institutional, external and cultural influences on the financial re ...
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