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Essay example - How significant was the division between the Scottish Highlands and Lowlands

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The subject of the present work is history of Scotland, and will discuss the significance of the division between the Highlands and the Lowlands. It is not under argument, that this division, though being not physical, but more cultural and attitudinal, has created serious impact on the whole Scottish history and attitudes between people…

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It is interesting to note, that the topic of Highlands-Lowlands division is closely connected with the discussion of the British imperialism and its impact on the development of Scottish nationalism (or national identity), as it is a historical fact, that the development of imperialism had already reached rather significant level, but its spreading onto the Highlands territory was prevented by the division between Highlands and Lowlands; although the connection between the division and the Scottish nationalism is seen, the work will not make special accent on this topic, but we will here look at the general impact on people, their culture and the whole future history of Scotland which was made by this division. The division of the Highlands and Lowlands has created a major impact on the fact that Scottish people didn't feel like entire nation and the notion of nation has ceased to exist for them. However, this impact was created through the number of factors, which are to be considered separately in this work.
The feudal movement, which existed in Scotland, was one of the major engines, making the division of the Scotland closer. ...
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