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The Trend of Job Relocation and its Influences - Essay Example

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Within the United States, it is exceedingly common to relocate across country for career opportunities. There are different motivations for job relocation, as much as for monetary need as for seeking opportunities. In my opinion, both areas will grow in the United States in the coming years…

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The Trend of Job Relocation and its Influences

Compared to other developed nations, like those in Western Europe or Japan, the United States' land area is expansive - we cover half of the North American continent. While in other places, job relocation happens relatively close to home due to the smaller geographic region of political and language borders, it is not the same in the United States. Our geographical boundaries are wide enough to hit two oceans. When we go across the country, ties with family and community are completely cut. Job relocation of any person in a family is harmful to the family structure. A key players is removed from the family unit, be it the father, mother, even children. Reimer conducted a research study that suggested job relocation was potentially harmful to families (2000).
The possible outcomes of the trend "job relocation" are multiple depending on the specific demographic taken into account, family members involved in the move, and the stability of labor markets. For example, job relocation for migrant families depends heavily on the legislation concerning them, legislation concerning migrant worker programs, education patterns and benefits for children of migrant workers, and others.
Globalization is another factor that will affect job relocation. ...
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