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Business Writing

Like a summary notes, paraphrase notes retain the approach, tone and message of the original quote or text. It only differs from a summary that it isa restatement of about the same length of the original but in words are different from those used in the original. Paraphrasing is the best way by which the act of intellectual dishonesty (plagiarism) is avoided.
Plagiarism is the act of intellectual dishonesty of a person, related to writings, plagiarism are acts in which the work on both printed and not printed materials that are used and had been copied by another without the owners consent is consider to be a crime and against the copyright law. There could be ways that student can intentionally plagiarize. One, by copying assignment from others. Two , copying form a text book, which are used in school, or it can be also by using the words of others.
In the article entitled "Jefferson in His Time", Jefferson is now looked upon as a racist and somebody who is ruthless, self-righteous, and not concerned with the basic civil liberties, though he is one of the most revered American founders and early president ( Wilson Quarterly 36-51)
William H. Calvin (1990) stress, "There are easily a hundred features by which humans differ from the apes. ...
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Direct quotations meant getting the whole phrase or group of words contain the important information you needed in which you need to present or to show as an evidence of the originality and the effectiveness of the message you are trying to imply. Enclosing them with "_", and followed by the name of the real person or an organization or a book, who stated the lines…
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