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Business Information System

He shall at all times order his conduct to safeguard the public interest and to the best of his ability uphold the reputation and dignity of the Profession".
2. Members shall ensure that they have got enough knowledge in the chosen fields and have proper understanding of relevant legislation, regulations and standards, and that they adhere to such requirements.
4. Members shall not disclose to a third party any confidential information acquired in the course of their professional practice, or use such information for personal gain or for the benefit of a third party without the prior written permission of the employer or client, or at the direction of a court of law.
5. Members shall act with integrity while dealing with fellow members and with the members of other professions with whom they are related in a professional capacity and shall not do any activity that is against the professional status.
6. Members shall endeavor to upgrade their professional knowledge and skill and shall well informed of technological developments, procedures and standards which are relevant to their field, and shall encourage their subordinates to do likewise. ...
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Projects related information system may experience set backs because of the failure in imparting fair practice by individuals and organisations. The reason for this problem can be attributed to lack of professionalism in the IT industry at the individual level as well as group level.
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