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International Business - Foreign Currency

Opposite relationships hold for net asset positions, which are denominated in an FC.
As a result of the cash flow impact of transaction exposures and the requirements of Financial Accounting Standards Board Statement no. 52, Foreign Currency Translation, to include foreign exchange transaction gains and losses in the determination of net income, most companies are hedging these exposures. In fact, a 1986 FASB research report, Foreign Exchange Risk Management under Statement 52, revealed that 84% of 162 company treasurers engaged in foreign trade regularly or selectively hedge foreign transaction exposures.
The research of the problem of the foreign currency risk is important because the globalization of the world economy and the devaluation of the U.S. dollar have allowed more American companies to enter the export/import markets. Additionally, many managers who previously avoided these markets are finding that international transactions can make their companies more competitive in marketing products and procuring parts and/materials. As new companies are exposed to foreign exchange risk, managers will necessarily be concerned with the development of an effective hedging program. ...
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Participation in international markets may result in a foreign exchange risk known as transaction exposure. This risk occurs when a company has a payable (or receivable) denominated in a foreign currency (FC). The risk lies in the fluctuation of the FC exchange rate…
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