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Family Centered Care Case Study

This ideology draws on theoretical backgrounds in the humanistic approach in nursing as well as the interpersonal approach also. The current scenario in this literature follows a case study where a family member has died in ICU quite suddenly and despite the high quality of care the nurses who were in charge of the patient have given there was no reliable way to tell the patient was not going to make it. Thus the proponent of care and concern falls on paying considerable attention to the family's needs following this unforeseen event.
There is agreement that patients with life-threatening illnesses, including progressive malignancies, need appropriate therapy and treatment throughout the course of illness. At one stage, therapy is directed toward assessment and intervention in order to control and/or to cure such illness and alleviate associated symptoms. For some persons, however the time comes when cure and remission are beyond current medical expertise. It is then that the intervention must shift to what is now often termed 'palliative treatment,' which is designed to control pain in the broadest sense and provide personal support for patients and family during the terminal phase of illness. In general, palliative care requires limited use of apparatus and technology, extensive personal care, and an ordering of the physical and social environment to be therapeutic in itself.
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Anytime a member of the family becomes seriously ill and they are placed in a medical environment such as ICU, the stress on the immediate family becomes very heavy and they themselves are in a delicate state that is almost like that of the patient but only in a different way…
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