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Quantitative and Qualitative Article Critiques

Since mental health is an important determining factor to grade the associated comorbidities and hence outcomes related to quality of life in individuals with heart failure, interventions to improve mental health would also influence the quality of life in these patients. The problem in this study therefore to investigate the effects of nursing interventions directed to this area and to know whether these mental health nursing interventions improves the outcome. The problem is sufficiently narrow, since this asks a specific question about the management of heart failure problems, where the psychological distress part of the causative factors for heart failure is in question. This does not make this question trivial, since even though narrow, this addresses a very important comorbidity which has been hypothesized to have significant impact on the outcome of care in these patients over and above the conventional means of symptom management and palliative measure. The study highlights an area of focus where reduction of morbidity and mortality is important part of care, which tends to identify the nursing strategies in this context, in order to improve the perceptions of wellbeing and quality of life in these patients. ...
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Scott, L.D., Setter-Kline, K., & Britton A. S. (2004). The effects of nursing interventions to enhance mental health and quality of life among individuals with heart failure. Applied Nursing Research, 17(4), 248-256.
1. What are the study problem and purpose Is the problem sufficiently narrow in scope without being trivial Does the purpose narrow and clarify the focus or aim of the study and identify the research variables, population, and setting
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