Bad Behavior on College Campuses

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Hazing is an activity of initiation promoted by all Greek Systems, most usually found in college / university campuses. Being a form of ritual, it takes many forms that often result in embarrassment and/or abuse due to physical and mental tasks that are given as tests to new members, or "pledges" as they are commonly called in fraternities.


Fraternities espouse the idea of Brotherhood. A college student enters a college or university and has an entire selection of fraternities that he could pledge into. As soon as he has decided, he becomes a pledge to this fraternity, he is given a series of tests or tasks that he must accomplish - part of hazing - to prove his loyalty and commitment to the Brotherhood, and to prove that he is strong or at least courageous enough to be able to fight for his brothers when the opportunity arises. Sadly, opportunities arise far too often, as fraternities as more often than not involved in fights with other rival fraternities. This is one of the bad behaviors looked down upon among several undesirable fraternity activities. Once the pledge has passed the initiation rites, he then enters the fraternity as a full-pledged brother, and is usually entitled to all the perks and advantages that the fraternity has to offer.
One of the advantages of joining a fraternity is becoming part of a housing system wherein all the brothers supposedly share responsibility for. This includes keeping the house tidy, cooking meals for their brothers and generally maintaining the fraternity house to be a desirable group bachelor pad to be enticing enough to stay at and to attract other possible future influential members. ...
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