Impulse buying behaviour and self-regulation.

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Consumer impulse buying behavior refers to the impulse buying behavior of the individuals and households who buy the goods and services for personal consumption. This behaviour then affects how products and services given to the different consumer markets while there are many components that influence consumer behaviour namely: cultural, social, personal and psychological.


These are just some of the factors that affect consumer behaviour.
Consumers can be either subjective or objective, testing the persuasiveness of brand names. Retail stores selling the products also play an important role in swaying the decisions of consumers. The whole package or visual appeal of the retail outlet can determine sales, or the service of the sales women or the clerks. Furthermore, consumers may choose particular products/brands not only because these products provide the functional or performance benefits expected, but also because products can be used to express consumers' personality, social status or affiliation (symbolic purposes) or to fulfill their internal psychological needs, such as the need for change or newness (emotional purposes) (Kim et al, 2002). These are just some of the factors that affect impulse buying behavior. ...
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