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The Myths of Marijuana

The purpose of the essay is to shed light on the mystified shell of Marijuana and reinvents its real essence which is absolutely harmful. Moreover, the essay would examine the conditions in which such mystification of Marijuana and its use takes place and reveal the channels and agencies through which the myths of Marijuana are propagated. It is an irony that both the proponents and opponents of marijuana are part of the great debate on the myths of marijuana. Curiously, each side accuses the other of creating myths about marijuana. However, the present essay does not attempt balance between the contesting perspectives on the myths of marijuana, rather, challenges the myths which are favoring marijuana and exposes not only the myths but also the way such myths came to existence.
Office of National Drug Control Policy, in the document- 'Marijuana Myths and Facts: The Truth Behind 10 popular misconceptions', points out that 'Marijuana is the most widely used illicit drug in the United States' (2005, p.4). The crumbling fact is that Marijuana is the most popular narcotic drug among the majority of illicit drug users. There is a growing number of people in the United States who have at least once used Marijuana. ...
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Karl Marx, in his famous 'Capital', writes about commodity fetishism as a process through which commodities acquire a divine look when they are wrapped in fairy tales and mysteries originating from addictive patterns of consumption. Marx's observation is certainly true in the instance of Marijuana, if not other commodities…
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