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Religion and Family in France

The religious background of France has been prominent throughout the Europe and the world and it is a nation which has contributed the world some of the fundamental principles of secularism and religion including the ‘freedom of religion’. A profound analysis of the family structure in France confirms that several social, religious and cultural elements as well as movements have influenced the progress of its culture. The traditional family structure of the French culture, an extended family structure, continued for a long time due, mainly, to the values of the Catholic Church and the rural communities. The French Revolution created a potent space for questioning the customs, laws, emotions, power relations, and gender assumptions that informed family life and it radically redefined the family, its internal dynamics, and its relationship to the state. There has been a vital shift from the traditional family structure to the modern family structure in the French society and culture. ...
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France is a country with religious freedom and thought, including agnosticism and atheism, and Roman Catholicism is the religion of a majority of French people. The other religions practiced in the country include Protestantism, Islam, Judaism and atheism…
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