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Essay example - Critically appraising the superman

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High school
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The worldwide infatuation with super powers, superheroes, and any abilities that prove out of the ordinary has sparked hero after hero and villain after villain for many years. Many superheroes bring out the best in people with their freakish abilities and superhuman strength…

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A different kind of hero, however, is also frequently found in the comic books, graphic novels, and silver screens of the world-the "not-so-super hero."
Some heroes, such as DC Comics' Batman, have no super powers at all. Rather, they combat injustice and fight on in the war against crime by more conventional means. Batman, for instance, is a well-trained fighter whose powers are derived from his unwillingness to give up, his uncommon, but not impossible, physical capabilities, and his commitment to righting the wrongs that cost him his own parents. Heroes such as Batman are just as alluring for the avid comic book reader, the graphic novel enthusiast, and the average dreamer because his success in crime fighting, his superheroism, in fact, is absolutely attainable. This hint of reality and touch of hope has put millions upon millions of children and adults squarely in Batman's corner as he persists against the injustices in Gotham City to protect the innocent.
Two specific graphic novels, both released by DC Comics, present both the super and non-super version of comic book heroes for the enjoyment of fans everywhere. ...
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