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  • Discuss the reasons why Jews left Russia and Eastern Europe to come to the United States. How is the impetus for Jewish immigration different from that of the I

Discuss the reasons why Jews left Russia and Eastern Europe to come to the United States. How is the impetus for Jewish immigration different from that of the I - Essay Example

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Discuss the reasons why Jews left Russia and Eastern Europe to come to the United States. How is the impetus for Jewish immigration different from that of the I

As described by Publisher (1997), "they went from Poland to polo in one generation" nearly penniless and went on to become the greatest movie moguls of all time. Traced as having started out in retail in furs and dry goods, they discovered the lucrative possibilities of movie-making. The American dream refers to the freedom to live a preferred lifestyle. However, their belief of the freedom to practice their religion was denied
Pogrom or ethnic cleansing tops the list of reasons of Jewish immigration from Russia and Eastern Europe to the United States during this period. Non-Jewish people created havoc to the Jewish communities including destruction of homes, businesses, and religious places with authoritative consent (Laquer, 2006). The persecution that happened to the Jews came from anti-Semitism strongly implemented by the Tsarist Empire in Hitler's period. From an organized riot to destruct Jewish communities, pogroms extended to the mass killing of the Jews. This stirred great fear among some Jews who eventually immigrated to the United States and some parts of the United Kingdom (Laquer, 2006).
Impetus for Jewish immigration different. ...
se of the last thirty-five years and it has gone to eight millions." These Jews were blamed as responsible for Anti-Semitism whose fundamental premise is that something was basically wrong with the Jews (Sharan, 2004). The other immigrants did not particularly have this problem. The sense of abnormality and self-hatred were not imputed on the Irish, Japanese and Chinese (Lessing, 2004).
The impetus for the Jewish immigration was starkly different from that of the Japanese, Chinese, and Irish. The Japanese immigrants began entering the United States in the 1880s, largely as farmers under threat of Japan's industrial and land reforms under the Meiji Restoration. They sought to be employed with the sugar plantations in Hawaii, and eventually found themselves in California (Immigration, Pacific Link, 2007). As for the Chinese immigrants, some came to the United States in relatively large groups in 1849 and 1882 between the start of the California gold rush ("Chinese Immigration," LOC, 2004). It was business, therefore, that primarily moved them to immigrate. Lastly, a number of Irish entered the U.S. between 1820 and 1830 and skyrocketed in the 1840s to nearly 2 million in that decade. They were different from the Jewish immigrants in that the Irish immigrants' reason was to escape from starvation. According to Handlin (1972), for some years, the crops remained undependable for them and famine swept through their land. Some records, however, claim that the Irish were encouraged to emigrate because of political oppression by the British government and religious persecution of Catholic Irish ("The Irish. Immigration, 2007). Among all of these emigrants, therefore, it was the Jews who left their lands and nation due to much persecution, particularly the pogrom.
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Jews emigrated from Russia and Eastern Europe like Germany to come to the United States of America from 1882 to 1914. The American Immigration Law Foundation (2004) cited several reasons for such immigration, from the American dream, to their privilege to practice their religious rituals, to anti-Semitism policies including the pogroms…
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Discuss the reasons why Jews left Russia and Eastern Europe to come to the United States. How is the impetus for Jewish immigration different from that of the I essay example
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"Discuss the reasons why Jews left Russia and Eastern Europe to come to the United States. How is the impetus for Jewish immigration different from that of the I"
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