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statistics - pilot (how most teenagers got around from school and work) - Research Proposal Example

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Author : kjacobs


1. This questionnaire is aimed directly at the driving teenage population. It was made to see what kinds of transportation teenagers who have reached driving age(for the purpose of this study we will use the age of 17), and how much they rely on their own transportation of public transportation.

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statistics - pilot (how most teenagers got around from school and work)

I kept the pilot into the final stages, as I saw no problems when I tested the pilot with people.
I thought it would be interesting to choose a teenage population to see how most teenagers got around from school and work, ect. I thought they were a good group to use to see which types of transportation were used most often, and can also give us some foresight into which types will be used more often in the future. Overall, I thought the testing went quite well.
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