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Tourism in Madagascar

People are not seeing Madagascar as a sustainable tourism spot. There lies the confusion. Ecotourism is defined as the travel to the destinations of the world where flora, fauna, and cultural heritage are existent. They are the primary attractions for the tourists. They aim at minimizing the negative effects that are mostly caused due to traditional tourism on the natural environment (Butler, 2005).
Sustainable tourism on the other hand focuses on bringing benefits to the local people, the environment and the economy. The concept of sustainable tourism has been slower in Madagascar, mainly due to the fact that people tour with an aim of seeing a natural environment (eco tourism). Madagascar's main originating market has been France. It is still unable to furnish products which are for sustainable tourism market, rather then just for ecotourism (Butler, 2005).
Madagascar is located on the south-east coast of the African continent. Madagascar is the fourth largest island. It is larger than the States of California and Oregon. The island extends 100 miles in length and 360 miles in width. This democratic country lies in the Indian Ocean and is among the world's poorest countries.
Madagascar, as being among the poorest countries, is mostly engaged in agriculture at a subsistence level. ...
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Madagascar has developed ecotourism and is now moving towards sustainable tourism sector. Overall tourism industry is the second largest foreign exchange earner for the economy of Madagascar. However, with little progress, their lies threats and problems which hinders the total economic development of the madagasy economy…
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