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My Group The Marksman Club - Essay Example


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My Group The Marksman Club

In the hustle and bustle of our mundane routine lives if we are involved as a member with a group, then we are sure to lead our lives in a meaningful way. This is how I feel after becoming a part of the Marksman club situated in Saarbrucken Germany. I completely enjoy myself in an environment that soothes my mind and body. Interaction is important for any normal human being and if that interaction is with likeminded individuals who share our occupations, beliefs or interests then its great. The joy of belonging to the Marksman club has accelerated for me because getting membership of this group is not easy. All the membership applications are strictly scrutinized and controlled through segregation. Hence to be offered a membership of such an esteemed group is a matter of pride for me. The Marksman club is considered in-group in Germany.Lots of people want to join this club but a very small percent of the applicants get selected. Those who are denied permission naturally get disheartened and blame my club of basing its decisions, on some kind of discrimination. Though I do not completely agree with it, I sometimes wonder that why is it that my group is comprised only of Caucasians. There are no Asian or African members in my group. As women and children are not allowed to join our group, feminists feel that we function in the machismo way.The rituals that decide our membership are very tough. For example in one ritual the applicant has to sit inside a barrel filled with ice water for five

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In the hustle and bustle of our mundane routine lives if we are involved as a member with a group, then we are sure to lead our lives in a meaningful way. This is how I feel after becoming a part of the Marksman club situated in Saarbrucken Germany. …
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My Group The Marksman Club essay example
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