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Assignment example - 1 health and health professional

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Australia's health system is among the best in the world. The political system makes health professional the key factor in the lives of Australians. However, the health factor is not available at the same satisfactory level to everyone. Rural and remote areas face problems to access health care in the same manner that urban population do…

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The syllabus aims at developing nurses who is committed to the promotion, maintenance and restoration of health and to prevention of disease. The student nurse is trained in problem-solving and clinical reasoning along with competency and safety skills (Bachelor of Nursing).
In Australia, the four main challenges to health care systems are affordability of services, meeting the needs of the aging population, treatment of chronic disease, and integration of complex services in care delivery. The government is making available more funds for health care but there are other logistic needs like health care personnel who are not available in the numbers required (Health And The 2007 Federal Elections).
The main drawback in health care services in Australia is the rural and remote areas where the strategy of traditional health care cannot work. It is not possible to run extensive hospitals in rural areas as the population there does not warrant such hospital. Instead, there can be something like mobile hospitals with pathological facilities that can criss-cross at different locations with life saving medicines and facilities.
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