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Essay example - Euthanasia

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Candle, faith and fate are the three things I would want to linger on when something goes wrong in my life. A lighted candle within a dark space symbolizes a flicker of hope amidst life turmoil's and unbearable headache. Faith is an old fashioned hand me down belief and a moment of supernatural power that serves to strengthen body and soul to nourish hope beyond explanation of detail and science…

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Dear readers, I am leading you to understand the artworks of The Almighty: keeping you in His wings of love in a story of sacrifice that describes beneath the beauty of words as to how pain and illness could lead one to walk in His path and how others could closely follow and find the means to hold hope and faith through pain and sacrifice in this physical world.
There is always something in store for us. When a door closes, another one opens, and it could be physical or spiritual, but it serves to enlighten us and the people within our hemisphere. The terminally ill person might take an account of their different travel logs, whether they are conscious or unconscious in state, they are dealing on their own perspectives and their own travails in a different sense in their present world. It is like a transformation from this physical world to a world that is remarkably beyond utterance and grasp. It is where the only ones who can understand are the ones who have been there and the ones who are in transit to that aspect. ...
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