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Essay example - Trying to Downsize Try Downsizing

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In an article titled "Expanding Portions, Expanding Waistlines", published October 2, 2006 by Health Day author Kathleen Doheny contends that Americans are having trouble losing weight because they eat portions that are excessive. The author points out that restaurants, food packagers, and take-outs have supersized everything from bagels to soft drinks…

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The author quotes Lola O'Rourke, spokeswoman for the American Dietetic Association, as saying, "If people could simply reduce their portions by a third, they would cut out a huge amount of calories". The author cites a study that was reported in Obesity and Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism. The study found that dieters who used pre-packaged managed portions lost significantly more weight than a group that were allowed to choose their own portions.
Being able to select the proper amount of food to consume is the first key to successful dieting. The author suggests that we simply become more aware of the serving size. She contends that the size of bagels, cheeseburgers, and soft drinks have grown dramatically in recent years and has resulted in calories that have more than doubled. In the midst of this super-sized climate it's important that the dieter be able to select the correct amount.
Doheny suggests splitting a meal with a partner or simply ordering a smaller portion. Of course, there is always the doggy bag to take home food that is in excess of your dieting needs. The author also suggests we weigh our food at home when we prepare it. In the event that weighing is not possible she offers several tips on visualizing the correct portions. ...
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