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Essay example - Department of Homeland Security, and Science and Technology Policy and Politics

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Science and technology has proven its significance and worth towards a country's unparalleled stability. On the other hand, there were several instances for science and technology's unrestricted capabilities are often neglected. The United States' haunting experience five years ago has continually disturbed the country…

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Science is about the search for objective evidence that would support successful predictions about the world around us; while politics is about governing based on the public's acceptance of the legitimacy and accountability of elected officials. On the other hand, in the U.S. democracy, science and politics are uniquely dependent on one another, although the relationship has never been an easy one. The search for truth in science and for legitimacy in politics both require systems for generating public trust, but these systems are not the same, and indeed they are often incompatible. (Branscomb, Oct. 14, 2006) The need for both to be acceptable in the society entails great deal of issues that are needed to be resolved to attain the same goal of achieving strength and concord for the community.
The establishment of the Department of Homeland Security has created several issues about its yet another political dogma that might eventually become another burden of the federal government that will threaten the US community.
Although science and technology has an unlimited capacity in preserving peace and stability of a nation, the need for a government and public support is an integral part in its utmost success. ...
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