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Journal on Aviation Education

This analysis can take various forms including a variety of models for performance analysis.
In this chapter, the "a-ha moment" is associated with the concept of modeling the process of problem solving. It's intuitive that problem solving requires extensive analysis, but the concept of using a "comprehensive" as well as a "situation specific" methodology in unison to arrive at both a high level and an operational approach to critical issues, really makes sense (Rothwell & Kazanas, 1998).
The point that seemed most unclear is the process of finding the association of data point metrics required for a valid performance matrix designed. This model for comprehensive problem-solving was exemplified by the Gilbert Performance Matrix, but it was difficult to understand exactly how to associate the data points.
In Chapter 5 the concept of assessing relative characteristics of targeted learners is the main topic of discussion. This exercise includes great attention to the detail of describing learner characteristics; identifying those characteristics specifically; developing learner profiles; evaluating and describing cognitive assessment; then judging learner assessment.
The "a-ha moment" was based on the specifics of what kind of learner characteristics should be assessed. ...
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Based on just 5 units of the text Mastering the instructional design process: A systematic approach (Rothwell & Kazanas, 1998), several concepts are reviewed that were insightful to the instructional design process. This essay explores the reader's perspective of these concepts both seemingly clear and relevant, as well as those that are less transparent and require further research and understanding.
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