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Classroom Observation

While determining how the teacher controls the behavior in the classroom the observer was informed that the code of conduct in each class of the school was created in the beginning of the year. As an example the observer found that the punishment for talking when the teacher is teaching has four stages. If the student is caught talking for the first time the teacher gives him verbal reminder. If the student is caught talking after the first reminder then the second time the teacher not only gives him verbal reminder but also reminds him of the class's code of conduct. If despite the two reminders the student does not stop then the teacher gives him the third and final warning verbally. If these three stages have not worked and the teacher finds him talking continuously then the teacher asks him and his other classmates if involved, to immediately leave the classroom and return only when they have controlled themselves completely.
The teacher does not lay down the code of conduct alone but students are also involved in it. This approach helps the teacher in controlling the behavior in the classroom as current research shows that rules made together are usually more successful than teacher made rules. It gives the students a chance to voice their opinions and take ownership for the code of conduct. According to Cole et al. "Activities cannot be seen or planned in isolation. ...
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Teaching is not as easy as it is usually considered to be. Teachers are responsible for not only the education of their students but also their all-round development just like the parents. In fact the pressure on the teachers are more because they are being paid for the job unlike parents…
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