Aviation Security Essay

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The events of 9/11 were a realization that the concept of Airport Security was increasingly becoming a fallacy and that the key risks lay in the management of the airline and airport security in the West. This was mainly due to outsourcing security agreements to Private sector contractors and their recruitment of minimum wage workers.This is something I have often observed even today that is ,how significant it is that these workers had such low levels of training and language skills, as well as pay, and that a number of them also had criminal records.


It is indeed true that terrorism has existed as a global phenomenon for years but I don't see the governments learning any lessons from yesteryears. It has to be seen that armed with the tremendous improvements in technology, communications, weaponry, and transportation systems, the unscrupulous terrorist elements are better able to network their plans and actions.
The last time I travelled it was a busy holiday season and I felt that the AirPort security was not increased to match this increase of customers and there was a point when it seemed that the hidden CCTV cameras were not angled correctly.At other times I saw some very rich people from the middle east or Iraqi origin. Prejudices aside I felt that because of their immense wealth(they were travelling 1st Class) they were spared the ordeal of being searched too much.Also their heavily Burqa clad women passengers were treated less stringently as I felt over dressed in a mini dressed while I was searched from head to toe.
There was also an increase in people holding liquids and hot teas in bottles.As I remember only in the year 2006 some terrorists were stopped from detonating homemade bomb ...
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