User Perspectives in Social Work

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There has been an increasing need to address various issues in social care. Due to the increasing number of people availing of the various types of social services, it has become more important for social care workers to effectively assess the needs of service users.


User Perspectives in Social Work

Social care is a right of every citizen. It is the state's duty to provide assistance and support t citizens that are in need of such. The success of any social service program greatly relies on the proper identification and assessment of the needs of social care users. Moreover, the social care workers serve as the representatives of the service users in their attempt to make their needs known and understood. However, most of the time, the needs of the service users are not given the proper attention. Up until today, assessment of the types of services offered has been assigned to social care workers, politicians, and the government. Users of social services have been continuously left out of the assessment process.

If there is any entity that can effectively judge what the real social care needs of the people are, it will only be the service users themselves. Their input and opinion is of utmost value in assessing the social service program. The following discussion will focus on the perspective of users regarding social care. The issues that service users identified will be analyzed. The primary basis for this discussion will be the studies conducted by various organizations that highlight the views and opinions of services users regarding social care.

Service users have pinpointed several issues with regards to the manner by which the social service system addresses their needs. Moreover, they have likewise named various issues pertaining to the social care workers represent their needs. ...
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