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Irish Historiography - Essay Example

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Irish historiography, just as is Irish history, is an arena replete with debate, often contentious, regarding the validity of historical date, the objectivity of perspectives and the role that nationalistically-fuelled myths have played skewing the truth.' The stated is not intended as an argument for the invalidation of popular history but as a remark on that literary, cum mythological, treasure trove which Irish nationalistic history is comprised of and with which Irish historiography must contend…

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Irish Historiography

The Irish Potato Famine and Revolution comprise the twin pillars of the Irish nationalism's post-1923 ideal of the Republic. The two disparate events were celebrated, recalled and made into mythology for very different reasons. The Great Hunger was seen, within nationalist circles, as a largely avoidable food crisis, precipitated and subsequently exacerbated by British ineptitude and an attitude that saw the Irish as expendable quasi-citizens. The Revolution, on the other hand, was portrayed as a glorious event which successfully liberated an oppressed people, while making heroes and martyrs of men such as Michael Collins who, "in a span of six short years brought a country from bondage to a position where she could win her freedom." (Conlon & Barter, 2003, p.20). Both events would likewise serve as the twin axis upon which revisionism was to flourish - the backlash against nationalism both from within and outside of Eire.
Fuelled by frustrated patriotism and the deep-rooted influence of the Irish Diaspora in the New World, post-Famine Irish Nationalism espoused an interpretive view o ...
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