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Business Letter

However, I am very confident that these damages are not due to mishandling.
In line with this, I am requesting you to look into this matter. In order to handle customer complaints, I would also like to gain an assurance from you that immediate delivery of replacements will be undertaken.
Statement of Purpose: After conducting a thorough investigation and analysis, this report aims to recommend possible solution to the human resource problems faced by the Roanoke Branch of Pheonix Advertising.
Pattern of Organization: This informal report will utilize the "cause and effect" approach. The human resource problems of the branch will first be identified followed by their causes. This approach is necessary as this will become lay the foundation on how identified problem will be solved. ...
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I sincerely appreciate the mutually beneficial partnership our company has with Brightware. The past five years have sailed smoothly without any problems. Thus, I am surprised to receive complaints from several customers regarding your stainless steel kitchenware…
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This minimizes disputes, since unrecorded conversations can be distorted or forgotten, and can easily be retrieved when categorized and stored properly. Although a memo is an informal letter, it should still indicate relevant information so that receiving parties can act accordingly. Such information includes the addressees of the memo, date, name of the sender and most importantly, the subject of the matter. A memo can be distributed internally or posted in the company's bulletin board.
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However, in the recent past, some of my customers have complained about scratched non-stick surfaces inside the medium and large pans noted at the time of unpacking from the cartons. After carrying a thorough investigation on the matter I have established that the damage is not due to my employees' negligence. I therefore request you to go ahead and carry a research from that end so that we can be able to rectify the said anomaly. Besides, I urge you to organize for rapid shipment of replacement items, should the customer wish to keep the new cookware on that basis - as opposed to returning it...
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Based on the result, we are confident that the problem was not caused by mishandling of our employees. Our daily operation strictly follows Standards for Safekeeping of our stocks and Proper Handling of Customer orders, and our employees assured as of 100% loyalty and sincerity of service.
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My background and experience will put your institution ahead of the game.
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She provided me with the crucial information that assisted in making a responsible decision. As such, I am hereby commending her for a job well done.
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