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Volunteer Management Plan

The group of volunteers should be prepared in advanced and should not wait until disaster strikes to prepare volunteers for response. Since One Family will mainly work with larger organizations with bigger budgets, the target manpower of the volunteer group is approximately 217 persons.
In evaluating the role of the volunteers, a clear outline of every volunteer's responsibility should be discussed. Clear positions and necessary qualifications to fill such positions should be developed. One should always remember that there is no such thing as "just a volunteer". Every volunteer should be challenged to effectively perform his/her duties and be held accountable accordingly.
The 217 long-term volunteers needed for this volunteer group will be divided into different roles and committees. ...
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The volunteer group will be formed to aid different outreach programs for the indigenous people and the poor communities. The group will be called "One Family". It would operate hand-in-hand with private or government organizations. Its main objectives are: 1) to provide immediate survival needs to the people and/or groups who are victims of natural calamities and/or disasters; 2) to assist relocating people to temporary shelters during emergencies or calamities; 3) to aid in providing medical assistance especially during times of disease outbreaks; 4) to ensure the safety and protection especially of the children, the elderly, and the handicapped during times of emergencies; and 5) to provid…
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