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The role of Citizens in the Society - Essay Example

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Citizens are not inherently inferior to their leaders or rulers. They are not subjects. Monarchies, whether absolute or constitutional, preserve the elements of slavery and subjection. The myths of hierarchy, stability and continuity are sustained.
Since the Civil War, the virtual structures of relative social status have been maintained, inhibiting citizenship…

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The role of Citizens in the Society

In a world of stability, Citizenship can seem a natural element of creation. Change disturbs stability could bring chaos and revolution. Thus, in order to confirm the longed-for stability of world after the years of war, with a manufactured veneer of science, other races were sacrificed.
There was pressure to establish order in the disciplines from media, as well as in politics. In catering for the needs of elites, there were casualties. Enlightenment philosophers defined the limits for citizenship and understood its importance in the society. The Encyclopaedists explored the nature of work, and appreciated the importance of skill.
As on the past and present issues surrounding Citizenship, we encounter a number of challenges, and key unifying concepts, such as self-determination. Under slavery, individuals are denied control over their own life and work, together with denial of participation in decisions about their own futures.
It is not just a matter of making sense of the historical past, but of acting in the context of the present workplace. Print, electronic and television-broadcasting media has worked in constructing clarity on duties and practices, building a bottom up network based national institutional structure to address key issues of Citizenship and work organization. ...
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