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Essay example - Hazardouse agents in the work place

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No matter which way you turn, the proliferation of hazardous agents through concentration of environmental degradation seems poised to impact on our lives to some degree over the coming years.The most common form of such phenomena can be found in the industrial sector more than other - thus giving rise to a higher risk factor where encountering such elements and their hazardous effects, in the workplace are concerned…

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Such conditions result from excessive exposure and can only be avoided through adequate control measures which will prevent or minimise exposure to harmful agents. The process by which evidence of hazardous occupational conditions and information on control methods is translated into actual implementation of control and prevention strategies to eliminate or dramatically reduce the hazardous exposure and associated health risk, is often the result of a subtle compromise between scientific evidence of varying degree of certainty, interest group lobbying, and feasibility considerations.
Workplace fatalities, injuries and illnesses remain at unacceptably high levels and involve an enormous and unnecessary health burden, suffering, and economic loss amounting to 4-5% of GDP. According to the latest ILO estimates for the year 2005 there are 2.0 million work-related deaths per year. WHO estimates that there are only 10-15% of workers who have access to a basic standard of occupational health services. (World Health Organization)
A potential health hazard exists when a ...
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