New Labour System: Historical Perspective

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In the struggle for power, groups and organizations are formed to command a higher influence over the political system. The British political system has evolved from small resilient groups which laid the major foundation of its present vast political organizations.


Politics thus, centers itself on an organization that systematically arranges people to work for the goal of winning a public office in a nation to influence its policies. Generally, a political party, as an organization seeks to attain power in the government by participating in election campaigns. The groups cause is geared towards winning public office in elections and influencing policy. Sometimes parties are not permitted to choose nor seek power through elections which is why so many turn to lobbying as a form of putting pressure or by working on the public opinion and sometimes even by violence and terrorism. Parties however often adhering to their own certain ideologies may also represent other disparate interests. In effect, some political parties are more concerned with recruiting individuals to give them power in selecting government officials. Other interest groups however, are more concerned with public policy and involve themselves with the elections for the advancement of their own policy interests.
British political history impresses pride in the formation of parties as large associations essentially composed of formidable political organisation into one which has achieved major social and political reforms over the years and during the 20th century. ...
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