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Research Paper example - Development of Postoperative Infection in Women between the age of 30 to 50

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Research Paper
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Postoperative wound infection is an important complication following surgery. The wound may be contaminated before surgery, during surgery, or following surgery being infected during healing. The skin is considered to be body's first line of defense, and surgery in itself is a mutilative procedure, where this defense may be violated…

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Due to some violation of safety precautions before, during, and after surgery, these or other freshly colonized bacteria in the hospital environment may enter the wound and cause infection, where bacteria now easily penetrate the wounded skin. As mentioned earlier, injury and inflammation caused by surgical manipulation may also help the nosocomial bacteria enter into the wound after being transmitted from somewhere else from within the hospital environment. In effect such infections in the surgical wound would slow down the approximation of the wound edges, delay wound healing, lead to morbidity, and cause increased economic burden, increased hospital stay, and increased incidence of other infections. Usually the patients present with increased pain in the surgical wound as a result of inflammatory process early in the infection, redness at the wound margins that spreads unless treated, drainage from the wound margin, fever due to infection, and ultimately breakage of the wound (Pryor et al., 2004).
Such cases are often encountered in clinical surgical nursing practice, and the nursing assessment usually yields the following diagnoses, risk for infection, impaired skin integrity, impaired tissue integrity, and delayed surgical recovery. ...
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