Experience on Placement in Social Services in Mauritius

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MACOSS stands for the Mauritius council of social services, it is a non governmental organisation, it was founded in 1965 and currently it is a network of 205 non governmental organisations. Its aims are to promote voluntary services enhance community development, advancement of social education, provision of poverty eradication programs and assisting in health issues.


On the second week I attended a seminar hosted by Befrienders organisation which is a member of MACOSS, Befrienders was founded by Ibhoo Mansoor in 1995. Its main aim is to prevent suicide which amounts to 300 per year in Mauritius, it operates 48 countries with 400 hundred centres and 60,000 trained voluntary workers. Its activities involve organising talks and public awareness programs.
The talk involved the emphasising of the high suicide rate in Mauritius which amounts to 300 deaths a year; the majority of persons involved are persons between the ages of 13 years to 35 years. Suicides is the act of wilfully ending ones life. Some of the causes of suicide include depression, mental illness, hopelessness, poverty and hardship, religious reasons as in the case of suicide bombing and crime where criminals commit suicide before they are caught up with. Suicide however can be prevented through the introduction of crisis intervention centres, restriction of access to common methods of suicide, treatment of depression, reduction of alcohol and substance use and the education based interventions to boost self esteem.
On my third week I went to work with the EDYCS group, it is a ...
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