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Decision Making Model

The initial step in this model involves identifying the decision to be made since it is vital that one is fully aware and clearly comprehends the decision at hand. The second stage is knowing one's self or undergoing self-assessment. This means that a person should be familiar with his/her skills, interests, values and personal traits as these factors would have substantial effects in making the decision. (Roberts, n.d.)
The third step begins with identifying options or exploring alternatives. A person should know the choices available that are in line with the abovementioned factors. The fourth step involves gathering information or researching about what may be the potential consequences of the decisions. This step may entail interviewing other people with regard to their experiences in making the same decisions. One may also read books or surf the internet during this decision-making point. It is important to remember that the more information gathered the easier it is to make the decision. (Roberts, n.d.)
The next step entails evaluating the options by identifying the pros and cons of each alternative. ...
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Making decisions is common to all people. Everybody at myriad points in their lives is confronted with various decisions needed to be made. In doing so, people opt for different methods that they are comfortable with and prove to be effective for them. It should also be noted that a person may resort not only to one particular style but to different ways of making decisions ("Wikipedia", 2005)…
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