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Freewrite in the Style of Susan Griffins Our Secret

It reminds us of our humanity. We weep for a piece of bread at night.
Let bygones be bygones, but if I have the soul of a Jew I will never again buy a German car, no matter how much I want a BMW. If I have the soul of a Jew I will never truly understand how we can look at disasters like Haiti and not be one of the people who constitute $396 M in donations to our darker brothers and sisters living on one-half of an island in the Caribbean.
If I have the soul of a Jew I will never be able to look back at WWII history and not learn its lessons. The wisdom it teaches us.
Freedom is a privilege, not a right. Many of us are yet still not free in this world.
Tough times, repeated rhymes. Fourscore and seven years ago becomes a whimper in the background.
Even though this life is full of sound and fury and signifying nothing, even though it may start with a bang and end with a whimper, still, this life is magnificent no matter how one slices it. This life is wonderful, no matter what happens, who tries to put you down, or who tries to destroy your good name.
Men like myself are like torpedoes. From the inside out we distance ourselves away from others, aiming for the target, to pierce others with our consciousness. ...
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Freewrite in the Style of Susan Griffins Our Secret.
Like the faces on the bodies of the little children who were piled up after having been gassed in Nazi Germany, so lies the state of our souls when we do not remember the fallen. …
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