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Article example - Telework

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Telework or telecommuting has seen considerable growth since its evolution in early 70s from just 3% to about 23% of American population today and similarly in other regions of the world. This growth and success has been possible due to varying success factors in its favor…

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In this dissertation, we have attempted to bring out crucial factors that have contributed to the success of telework as a work practice specifically in electronic business to consumer (B2C) context.
Teleworking has become possible recently due to increased affordability and availability of suitable technology coupled with a need to tap specific talent and widen the labor base without compromising, rather significantly improving output of the organization. For this dissertation, the research was conducted within specific limitations of full time employees conducting e-business operations using information technology working away from the conventional workplace. It was also ascertained as to which personality types preferred to telework, why they preferred to do so and how the organization derived maximum benefit from their individual traits by providing them with suitable business programs and necessary technology.
Discussions with individuals at various levels in an organization and also between organizations were held for good understanding of the behaviour of management and employees, as well as ascertain the dynamics of successful teleworking. ...
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