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Essay example - The major factors of business expansion

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If the project begins on July 6, 2009, Activity A would take 4 days to end on July 9 2009, activity B starts on 10 July up to July 17 2009, activity D starts on July20 2009 and ends on July 21 2009. Activity E would start on July 22 2009 and end on July 23 2009 while on July 24 2009, activity G runs up to July 31 2009…

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Activity O starts on September 2 2009, till September 9 2009 and activity Q ends on September 10 2009. Activity R ends on September 11 2009.
A 1 day delay on activity J would not affect the duration of the whole project since activity L can wait for 12 days for activity H to end. Completing activity O one day before schedule would reduce project days by one day. Activity C can not affect the duration for he whole project.
A network diagram is a logical approach of representing several activities which indicate the flow or sequence of a certain project. It is used to indicate the path of the project and all its activities and the starting and finishing time for every activity. It also shows the names and events for every operation
I examined the feasibility of establishing a new base for William CO. Ltd for expanding its current base that has a medium sized head office of about 2,600 square meters and employs nine administration staff members in addition to the operational workers who total to 48 in number. The company is an SME company which is involved in supply of mechanical services including heating, air conditioning, ventilation systems and plants. ...
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