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The Paper presents a comparative exploration of two Supply Chain Management Companies in the location of writer; Melbourne Australia. - Essay Example

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Supply chain management (SCM) has developed as a discipline viewed as the management of a system of interlinked businesses working together in the core goals of providing essential services and products to target clientele or markets within the service provision base and precincts of the participating business entities…

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The Paper presents a comparative exploration of two Supply Chain Management Companies in the location of writer; Melbourne Australia.

The track of transported goods from the point of origin up to the point of consumption constitutes what has been termed as the supply chain in business management and logistics science.
Further perspectives on SCM stem from the view of the discipline as pertaining to the entirety of the aspects planning and overseeing of all activities entailed in procuring, conversion and management of all the logistical activity. Also crucial to this view is the inclusion of aspects coordination and alliance within the network players which may be the suppliers, the middlemen and even third party services renders as well as clients.
Contemporary SCM is undergoing significant transformation and modification under the influence of various sweeping phenomena in the forms of globalisation and technological leaps. Scholars around the discipline are factoring in the importance of various dynamics that have been largely less considered in earlier conceptualisation on SCM. The SCM discipline has had remarkable contributions from the works of Coyle, Langley and Gibson among others. ...
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